Booking Terms & Conditions

  1. All Party Kit equipment is owned by and remains the property of Quirky Earth Ltd. 

  2. Payment in full plus a refundable deposit is required before your booking can be confirmed. 

  3. You may cancel the booking at any time prior to the start date of your hire. A cancellation charge of 50% of the deposit will be due should you cancel within 7 days (unless you are cancelling due to COVID-19 symptoms or a local lockdown) 

  4. In the event that we are unable to fulfil your booking due to circumstances beyond our control Quirky Earth Ltd's liability is limited to the refund of all monies paid. This includes if we have to cancel your booking due to COVID-19. 

  5. You are responsible for the Party Kit equipment for the duration of the hire period and adequate care should be taken, especially of items which can be easily damaged such as table linen and paper decorations. 

  6. Metal cutlery must not be used with the plastic kit as this causes excessive wear and damage.

  7. Kit items should not be used to heat food or placed in a microwave or oven.

  8. Hot items such as ovenware should not placed directly onto tablecloths.

  9. Tablecloths should only be used for food and not for craft activities.

  10. No responsibility can be accepted for injury which occurs during the use of the Party Kit equipment. (Please note that Pass-the-Parcel Bags, and bunting are not a toy, and as such should not be used by children without adult supervision.) 

  11. All Party Kit equipment is washed in a domestic kitchen / dishwasher were allergens may be present. If you have any concerns about allergen contaminants please wash any equipment prior to use. 

  12. The Party Kit should be returned within 3 days of the hire start date. 

  13. The Party Kit should have excess food removed before packing into the box. There is no need to wash the kit as Quirky Earth Ltd will do this on return of the kit.

  14. You will be eligible for a full refund of the paid deposit when the Party Kit has been returned on time, complete and undamaged.

  15. No credit or refund will be issued for any Party Kit equipment which is returned unused. 

  16. You are responsible for any breakages, non-repairable damage or loss of Party Kit equipment. Replacements will be charged at the purchase price of the new equipment item(s). 

  17. The quantity and condition of equipment, in the absence of definite proof to the contrary, is as seen by the Quirky Earth Ltd upon receipt of the returned kit. 

  18. Your contact details will be stored on an electronic storage and retrieval system which will be created for the exclusive use of Quirky Earth Ltd for keeping in contact with you about your booking. This data will not be used by any third party without prior consent. 

  19. You have the right to request the removal of all personal data from Quirky Earth Ltd's systems at any time.