The toy making process.

So I thought it'd be interesting to do an infographic which shows the main steps involved in making an eco toy! The care and time that goes into each individual toy is incredible; each stage is labour intensive and each piece is hand made with such care by skilled artisans in Sri Lanka and ourselves in the UK.

Eco Surprise toys

When you compare mid-priced plastic surprise toys (£8-£15) that are mass produced on a factory line in their 1000's to wooden Eco Surprise toys the differences are huge! Such care, time, art, and skill is put into each and every one of our toys. Our packaging tubes, labels, tags, tape etc. were selected on their eco-credentials over price, and we sought out the best eco-alternatives on the market.

We're really proud that we provide a sustainable alternative and at the really competitive price of £5.49. So you can save your £'s at the same time as the planet!! :).

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